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How to Fix a Fighting Relationship

Everyone’s viewpoints will clash in one way or the other. Our likes and favorites as well as our dislikes may not always be the same and neither are our moods. A simple miscommunication can lead to misunderstanding. When prolonged and harassed, a misunderstanding can lead to fighting with fits of rage, bouts of intense arguments and worse, uncalled fist - fights and other tendencies of violence and abuse.  


It is a fact that we are all unique and different individuals.  We are designed  to be diverse and distinct. Yet it is in our innate diversity that our spontaneity to love emanates and it is in this uniqueness that we fight and disagree. 


As emotional beings, we long for affection and love. Although a relationship does not at all promise a “bed-of-roses”, we still take the risk to love because of what and who we are. Fighting in a relationship is natural. It makes us human and fallible. In fact, a relationship without fighting is something extraordinary and perhaps, all too unreal. 


When you begin to disagree and learn to speak your mind, quite unknowingly you are opening up to your partner. Apparently, transparency is also important in building a strong foundation for the relationship to flourish. If your transparency heats up an argument or perhaps your candidness pick up a fight, do not lose heart. It is the start of something more deep and lasting. 


“Do Not Let the Sun Go down When You Are Still Angry” 


It is a mutual task to learn how to fix fighting in a relationship. For your relationship to grow, try to always settle the misunderstanding or stop the fight. Do not prolong the agony. As a proverb says, “Do not let the sun go down when you are still angry.” Make it a point to discuss with your partner the issues and concerns involved. At the end of the day, do your best to sleep peacefully without carrying a heavy burden.  


“Always Seek a Moral Lesson from the Fight” 


It is worth to fight when you learn a good lesson out of every misunderstanding. If either one of you stays closed and unmoved, the fight was just a useless emotional crap.     


Learn to Accept the Mistake and Move On 


Humility and acceptance is important while learning how to fix fighting in a relationship. The person who at fault should accept the mistake that caused the fight or no one else will. Learning to accept, after all, makes you a better and more lovable person.


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